Tuesday, 30 September 2008

So very happy

An even happier day today. Was treated to a lovely display of pigs flying past the window (slightly damp, on account of the rain). Nobody at work was awkward; no lies were told. Had a thoroughly good time. Enjoyed having soup for lunch again - it really is my favourite food. Did not miss being able to eat sandwiches in the slightest. Ate no mid-afternoon chocolate - was proud of my self-control. I definitely didn't give off the impression that I was thoroughly miserable at any point, nor did I retreat into an empty room and spend 15 minutes staring into space. Of course. That would have been silly, and would have got people asking why it was taking me so long to photocopy a document five times.

I think that perhaps I need to get these letters written as a matter of urgency. I don't think that my imaginary readers are enjoying reading this crap, and I'm a sucker for pandering to popular opinion. No other reason.

It is very annoying, though. Life is good. I have a job I am good at, a boyfriend who loves me, a shiny new car which does all sorts of wonderful things, an adequate income, plenty of diverting hobbies and great friends. I'm even in good health most of the time, and I certainly am not starving. There isn't anything else I need.*

So sorry to be so thoroughly boring and uninspired/ing. And for putting such a travesty of a non-word at the end of that sentence. Really, I ought not to be allowed.

*Except for a parking permit. Any day now I will get into trouble if I do not sort this out. Oh yes, and the not starving thing; I think that I might benefit from being slightly more starving. Preferably before I run out of trousers.


Elizabeth McClung said...

Looks like a "grit your teeth and blog anyway" day - or grit your teeth and get to the end of the day. I have to ask, are you getting enough fun in your diet, becuase it sounds to me like you are seriously constipated in your life from lack of an adequate amount of fun (available in handy sprinkle packs!) added to your daily intake??

Abi said...

Indeed. I suspect that if I get out of the habit the blog will die. I have commitment issues.

Not that much fun happening at the moment - too busy failing to get anything useful done. You're right - time to start making fun happen!