Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year/New tin of Altoids

Ah, the joy of the new Altoids tin.

Now, I am in a very fortunate situation: despite having worked hard to manoeuvre myself into a position in which I earn very little money, I have friends and family who regularly visit The States. Or something like that, anyway.

I've just finished one tin of Altoids (Cinnamon), and am just in the process of starting another (Cinnnamon; all three are Cinnamon), and have just been struck by the contrast between the old, nearly-empty wrapper within the old tin, all crumpled and filled with dust (of the sweet variety), and the new tin, fat, and bursting with healthy, painful sweets. That is how it should be.

Were I not definitively non-sober, on account of the good evening I have spent with my aunt, uncle, uncle and cousin (and James), I would still not come up with any sort of analogy or lesson. But it is nice to open a new tin of Cinnamon Altoids. Also, Ginger Altoids. They win, except for the part where I fail to stop eating them.

Also: Happy New Year, everyone. I'd totally send out text messages to those of you who know me and don't know this site, but my phone hasn't had any signal this year. It's a bit of a bugger.