Monday, 22 September 2008

Is Jesus trying to kill me?

I went to see the doctor, who said that it doesn't sound as though I have a chest infection. However, the amount of air I can exhale is somewhat depleted, suggesting that things are not working as they should.* I now have an inhaler to see if that makes a difference, and a peak flow meter to monitor my efficiency of exhalation (or something) over the next few weeks.

Naturally, I have set up a spreadsheet so that I can produce pretty graphs. I can also experiment on myself (assuming the breathing improves) to see what makes it worse (assuming it responds to things - ideally it will get better and stay that way forever). I am slightly worried that it is a reaction to the gluten I had on Sunday, in the form of a communion wafer. If it is, it can only mean one thing - Jesus is trying to kill me. If it is not, I shall let Him off. I really need to get round to investigating gluten-free communion wafers, though, whatever...

*Also suggesting that things are not working as they should: I still can't breathe properly.

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