Thursday, 4 September 2008


From my office I can see a three-storey building which is just about to be demolished. It is missing one side, as that was demolished several months ago (always fun, working next to a demolition/building site. So relaxing). They have just started to take bits of the roof off, and it looks as though there is a hole in the far side of the top floor wall.

I saw some lights moving round a bedroom on the top floor, but they were moving in a not-a-person way. There is a small digger* roaming around within this building. It is weird. I keep noticing bright lights where they shouldn't be. There is just something fundamentally wrong about diggers in bedrooms.

There is a large (gigantic), thing with a long arm behind the building, too. No idea what that's doing, but I find its presence far less disturbing than that of the internal digger.

*I use this term to mean self-propelled construction machine with a man on/in it and one of those long arms at the front, which goes up and over with an attachment on the end.

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