Sunday, 28 September 2008

Bad me

I don't appear to have said anything of note on here for quite a while. Possibly ever.

Unfortunately, I appear to have got myself into a rut, which is causing me to be somewhat uninspired. In order to get out of this rut, I must write letters to people. The rut has sapped enough of my creativity that I have failed to come up with anything worth reading for nearly two months. Which is quite sobering. I shall go and make myself a drink to compensate.

Back again. The tea is not helping to de-sober me. Also, I am thinking that it was rather a weak joke and that I should have just left it. Which I shall do right now.

See - it's just not happening writing-wise. This is much easier than the letters I must write, too.

Serena is being very wonderful - she has given me a framework outlining the sort of thing I should be saying at each stage in the letter. I had only been struggling with it for just over a month when I passed it on to her to unpick; it has been a lot better since then. Alas, I need to come up with more actual content myself.

Hmm. That's enough uninteresting bibble on that subject, especially as I am remaining unhelpfully stubborn as to the nature of these letters.* If anyone were to read this, they might be annoyed.

Today I managed to fit in over an hour of organ practice. That was enjoyable - I have almost got the hang of the Te Deum Prelude and the Phrygian Mode thingy is coming along nicely. Franck's Prelude of Wonderfulness (not its real name) is dying less obviously than it used to, and should be ready for human ears within the next year or so.

After a while the children came to sit with me. This adds a whole new element of challenge - it's a little harder playing the right notes when someone else is playing something which couldn't be described as music at the same time. Mind you, if they were playing actual music it could be even harder to ignore. I figure that this is good practice for maintaining concentration whatever. I think that I may figure wrong, though. Although I can block out external noise, it can be hard telling the voice inside me to shut up. For example, I frequently get distracted because I remember that I left a hymn book at home, or because the organ sounds like it is dying. When I pay attention to these thoughts, I miss out notes. This is presumably linked to my total inability to meditate. Perhaps I should just have the children playing all the time so that I have to concentrate...

I demonstrated my amazing prowess by playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and The Twelve Days of Christmas, and revealed that I do, in fact, know more than 500 songs. I hope that they do not decide to test me on that - it could take rather a long time. Unfortunately for them, I do not appear to know any of the songs they learn at school, which must be frustrating for them.

Once again, I shall try to be interesting some other time.

*Because there are just so many things they are likely to be about. Ha! I am fooling nobody. Mostly because nobody is reading.

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