Sunday, 21 September 2008


Today's service went well from my point of view. Both hymns seemed fine. Unfortunately, I seem to be playing too quickly for the congregation - I had to modify my speed downwards quite considerably.

We also used a projector for the service for the first time. It went with few hitches, and I am enjoying knowing that I shall not be collecting any more dead service sheets in my organ music bag.

This afternoon I shall mostly be tidying the house in preparation for Louise, my little sister, coming to stay for a few days (she's due to arrive at the train station at about 8.30). She has a lot of reading to do before returning to university, and thought that going to my library while I work could be a good tactic. There aren't many good distractions in the library, particularly if one is not allowed internet access (which, without my username and password, plus more technical know-how than I possess, she is not). Hopefully she will get through a lot.

Unfortunately, I have a cough which has resulted in a bit of difficulty with the breathing thing. In a way it was better yesterday - I just felt like crap with the occasional random shooting pain. Today the pain is mostly gone, but holding a conversation is less easy. I am being uncharacteristically quiet. Typical for it to happen on a Sunday, though. If I am both alive and still not breathing properly tomorrow I shall have to go to see a doctor. With Louise coming to study, it really is not a good time for me to be taking time off work. I would either have to forfeit the emptiness of my house or take her somewhere quiet and indoors for studying. I just hope Nana didn't get it when I saw her on Friday.

Seemingly, being ill has also sapped any of my remaining writing power. No doubt there will be another uninteresting entry coming shortly.

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