Wednesday, 1 October 2008


It being Serena's birthday today, I got to work making presents for her. I am nothing if not organised.

I took away some old nettle tea from her house yesterday, which I used as the base for a rather interesting soap.* The idea behind this is that nettle tea is soothing,** and some of its properties should be present in the soap. To complement this I used a variety of different oils which are also reputed to be gentle on the skin, one which imparts structural integrity and lather to soaps, and a load of additives (butter powder and some clays) to just generally make it better. More is more, and all that.

Alas,*** the soap did funny and weird things. I think that I used too much coconut oil, but can't see how that could have caused so much weirdness. I added extra water and lye and it seemed to settle down. I did forget to cook it for a long time to evaporate of the extra water, though, and now it is a little more sloppy than I would expect a soap to be.**** It needs to be ready on Saturday if I am to give it to Serena for her birthday. I may yet be making another soap.

Ha! What am I talking about? I am so going to make another soap. I saw one which used paprika as both a colourant and an exfoliant, and I have to try that out. I may also make a daffodil one. As I am fast running out of many oils, I shall probably use a lot of corn and olive oils. They are readily available around here.

I also made all sorts of other goodies: exfoliant body butter bars, two different types of face cleansers and a solid moisturiser bar which is water-soluble - the idea behind this is that it doesn't need any preservative as it contains no water, but it still turns into moisturiser when it does get wet. I saved so much money compared to what I would have paid buying similar products from an actual shop.*****

Next I must work on packaging. Also, I must make some conditioner. This may not keep well, so I shall do it tomorrow or Friday. HWSNBN will not be impressed with the kitchen being less than perfect a few days on the run.

He actually made dinner today. I came home to the smell of cottage pie cooking. It was very tasty. There is even enough left over for lunch tomorrow. I am very excited that there is no need for me to have soup for lunch tomorrow. Seriously.

Wow; such sentence structure. Could I have written that previous paragraph any better? Not if I were six years old, that's for sure.

*I am using "interesting" as an euphemism for "worrying".

**Unless you have to drink it. Drinking nettle tea is most assuredly not soothing.

***I think that this might be my favourite word.

****I would not expect a soap to be sloppy. Viscous is as wet as I will accept.

*****I did also buy her a necklace which I believe she has a high probability of liking rather a lot. This came from an actual shop. I am not a total cheapskate. Sometimes it costs more to make things than to buy them. When I realise that, I feel silly.


Elizabeth McClung said...

Linda was very happy becuase I could not remember that we had eaten the same food for two weeks. The is the advantage of brain damage, in fact I can't remember eating today at all. That might or might not be brain damage (or I might not have eaten). I wanted you to know that we are using your soap in the shower and thank you, I wasn't sure how to put it that didn't sound creepy, since however I put it, I am placing something you made on my naked body and sometimes Linda and share it between our naked body. Yeah, who knew you were making sex toys! (that is ALMOST a joke!).

I am glad no more soup and congrats on your discipline. I am sorry the soap did odd things, and I hope the birthday goes well. I hope you are well.

Abi said...

Alas, HWSNBN can remember that I have fed him approximately the same meal every time I have attempted to cook recently. It's very strange that he decided to do something about it, though. That's not happened before. It makes me feel very supported.

I am glad that my soap is being useful. I am pleased that the one I sent was a mild one - peppermint might have been over-tingly for your purposes. That particular soap really has had an adventure! Most of mine just sit there and wash hands occasionally, with no hint of international travel...

Is there any other sort of soap you would like? I am about to get really busy with that, and could send you more soon.

Soup for lunch tomorrow but it will be soup I made & so will be nice.