Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Guess what

I stayed up until 1am, and the house still isn't tidy. Upstairs is a bit better (the bathroom sink is sparkling, and many clothes have been put away), but I shall have to be very efficient at tidying up when I get home from work this evening. Never mind - the adrenaline produced when there is little time normally makes for a more efficient tidying experience.

It will be pasta and sauce for dinner, this being Anne's favourite food.* Seriously - what is wrong with this child? Children should not be this easy to please. I do hope she stays this defective for ever! (Except for with her partners - they had jolly well better not just feed her pasta and sauce and buy her socks for her birthday. That's my prerogative.**)

I have just realised that there isn't much in the house for lunch for them I think it may be beans on toast, or a trip to the supermarket. That will be an adventure for them, though.

I think I may just have surpassed myself with boringness of blog entry. Once again, sorry about that.

*Which is, of course, the only reason I am cooking it. There is not even the merest hint of lack of effort on my part.

**I never realised it was spelled like that. This has implications for my pronunciation.


Lisa Moon said...

I think I'd trade what you call 'boring' entries for my constant barrage of Bad Things Which Keep Getting in my Darned Way! I like reading about you!

And I think you've an extra 'r' in perogative, my dear. But now I'm wondering: how have you been pronouncing it?

Abi said...

Oh yes - it's certainly more fun to be writing boring entries than having lots of crap happening to me. I can't help but feel that Bad Things Which Keep Getting in my Darned Way would be a lot more interesting for the reader, though.

Your version of perogative is how I would spell it, and how I would pronounce it. However, I have had three spellcheckers say that perogative is not correct, but that prerogative is. I assumed that I had unknowingly been spelling it incorrectly all these years. The Internet doesn't seem to recognise perogative, either. Is it a conspiracy?