Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Cancer Debate!

I saw an advert on Dooce's blog:

"Join The Cancer Debate!
Do Aluminium and Parabens contained in cosmetics cause cancer?"

It's such a good idea to get people to debate this. A few hours of good debate and the answer to this question will be found. What medical research needs is more debating.


Lisa Moon said...

Yes, agreed; a few hours of lively debate should solve it. As should endless fundraisers for finding a cure (I'm not against finding a cure by any means, merely wonder why there is little to no emphasis on prevention).

Abi said...

The thing about prevention is that it doesn't help the people who already have cancer. People are more motivated to work towards things which will help their relatives now, not which may help strangers later.

Mind you, that debate looks as though it is trying to sort out some prevention...