Friday, 31 October 2008


At work today, I got to spread joy and happiness for a bit, by e-mailing people with good news. I did not remember to attach the attachment, though, which was somewhat dense. I shall have to compose another e-mail about that on Monday. Bugger. That has only come back to bite me once so far, though, and that was mostly just an experimental nip; the mauling should not happen before Monday.

It's Friday, and I have no more work to do for a few days, so I am happy! The house is warm (thanks to HWSNBN having the heating on all day), and I am holed up in the bedroom with a glass of rum and pineapple juice, leaning against a radiator, listening to classical music with the lights off (except for some blue fairy lights and this lantern, in blue), trying to discourage trick-or-treaters. Two came earlier, and we were able to dig out some old marshmallows for them, but I don't think that they were impressed.

Today I went out for lunch with one of the chaplains and a friend who had just found out about her MSc distinction. Apparently I misread the e-mail saying when we should meet with the result that, instead of being 10 minutes late, I was 15 minutes early. I did some organ practice - the Chalpaincy Centre has a dinky little one. My new shoes do not improve my organ playing. However, unsuitable as they are, they do seem as though playing in them is a possibility, which is gratifying. After 20 minutes of practicing, I went and found the people with whom I was having lunch, who hadn't noticed me playing. By this time, I was 10 minutes late. Again.

Unfortunately, the pub we were supposed to be eating in was too busy, so we had to go slightly further afield to a wonderful restaurant I had heard about a lot, but had never actually visited. Damn. Because it was more expensive than expected, he offered to pay, which was wonderful. I ate duck with figs and mashed potato, with Madeira sauce. I think that the mashed potato may have contained slightly more calories than I would usually expect to find in my mashed potato. I therefore decided to pretend that they were not there and hope that they went away. Sure enough, when I next paid attention, the mashed potato was gone, and I was no longer hungry. Result!

This friend has not only got a distinction in her MSc, but she doesn't have a job at the moment (i.e. she has time off and can get up late), and she does have one that she will be starting soon (i.e. her current lack of job is not a problem). She seemed very happy (if a little drunk) today. Not that I am at all jealous, you understand. For I have a Plan up my sleeve. It is quite tightly wedged, and I can't seem to get it out,* but it is a Plan nonetheless.

Now to see what HWSNBN plans to do for dinner. I rejected going out earlier on the grounds that I wasn't hungry, but a take-away would really hit the spot now. I am hoping that the reason he has had no alcohol this evening is that he is intending to go food hunting shortly (to complement his mammoth supermarket shop earlier today). We shall see...

*Yes - The Letter and its follow-up. It went, I got a response. Will blog more when my mighty network of contacts actually comes up with information I can use to do what is required of me.

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