Saturday, 21 February 2009

Who needs a point?

I have had a few days of not feeling particularly excellent. I have intended to be very busy, but mostly wasted time and packed little (good use of time is measured in boxes per hour). I have achieved a bit of organ practice, but I am unhappy with the number of wrong notes I am still playing. I will not be ready for this "audition" on Sunday. Damn this "turning up to work every day" thing.

This evening I poked some bits of wood with sharp things and left some marks. I also cut and sellotaped massive amounts of paper together. Truly, I have had a productive day.

I have now arranged to go to London to look around a few organs, though. When I say "arranged", it is more a case of having booked transport and asked a friend nicely if she will let me stay with her, then put my booking form for the event in an envelope with a stamp and address on; the posting of the envelope still has not been achieved. Hopefully this will take place tomorrow.

Oh yes - I started to learn to knit yesterday evening. I am not very good at it. I am going to knit a few more rows then unravel it and start again. My second draft will contain fewer superfluous holes. I may show photographs so you can share in my shame (although there may be no shame in being unable to knit), but then again I may just say that I packed my camera or USB cable and am therefore unable to put photos on the blog. That is entirely plausible, given that I am in the midst of packing, and so you would be none the wiser! What could possibly go wrong?

See? You don't have to have done anything of note to write a blog post. What helps, I would imagine, is being awake enough to string together groups of sentences into coherent paragraphs. I don't know that for sure, though.

As an experiment, I will try getting enough sleep and see if I am more coherent/interesting tomorrow. Naturally, I will have many moments of genius during the day when I am not blogging (snigger) but hopefully I will also retain a few pearls of wisdom with which I can enliven your existence. *

*Yes, that is sarcasm. I am too tired to be able to tell whether that is likely to be taken as patronising or as an example of irony. I am actually not of the opinion that your existence needs enlivening at all; it sounds rather exciting/relaxing/stimulating/terrifying** to me.

**Delete as appropriate.

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