Monday, 23 February 2009


I got the organ scholarship. This pleases me immensely. Of course, now the hard work is about to start. I have an easy job on Wednesday, as I just have to turn up to a couple of choir practices and sing in a service, after which point I should be given some music to practise. On Sunday, I shall have my first organ lesson for nearly a decade; that is when the fun really begins! I am hoping that I shall have a key to the Motherchurch (and instructions about how to operate the alarm system) by the end of Sunday.

The audition, therefore, was adequately good! I only got less than half way through the first piece I was playing before my foot went in the wrong direction and I lost concentration and the music fell over (not the book - the music itself). The second time I tried it I still got about five wrong notes, but it was otherwise probably the best I had played it. It sounded quite musical to me, which it does not normally do. I didn't have to play my second piece (which was probably a good thing!), but I did have to sight-read a hymn. The first half of the first play-through did not go well, but the second play-through was fine, thus demonstrating that I can learn quickly.

The scholarship will last until the end of September, and I shall have one hour of lessons every week, give or take a few holidays. After September they may have a different organ scholar, or I may be able to continue with it; it depends on whether or not anybody interesting and sufficiently musical presents themselves. If somebody suitable does come along, they say that I should be able to continue in a non-scholarship role for a bit; there is plenty to do for two people!

So it turns out that this week will be even more busy than I originally anticipated when I decided to move house. I shall be utterly frazzled next Monday. I am immensely glad that I do not have to go to church next Sunday morning, though. I think that Saturday evening will involve a take-away and moderate to large amounts of alcohol.

In a moment of excited inspiration, I have just remembered that there are three large empty plastic boxes underneath my bed. These will probably hold a lot of clothes, and should be free from spider poo (which is more than can be said for the boxes in the loft. Yuk, yuk, yuk!). I can not wait to be moved in and settled!


Lisa Moon said...

Abi, this is FABULOUS news! I am so, so pleased for you! Yay!
Please do lift a glass or 3 for me on Saturday night when you celebrate.

Moving IS frazzling, plus you have so much else going on... but it's all good from the sound of it!

Spider poo?! *shudders*

PS Thank you SO much for your lovely e-mail. Please know that I've only not responded as I've been a little distracted with what I'm about to blog about... but promise to give it the proper attention it deserves as soon as I can... straighten out my head!

Abi said...

Thanks! I shall celebrate on behalf of both of us on Saturday (as it would appear that I am not the only one receiving good news).

Moving will frazzle me especially today - I will get back late, but still have to get two dead bikes into the back of my car, ready to take them for recycling tomorrow lunchtime. Oh, and I have to pack some more. It is going far, far too slowly! Oh, and I also get the keys to the new house today, so I can go in, measure up for curtains (and see if I hate any of the wall colours enough to warrant re-painting) and call Mother to let her know what size of curtains I would like her to bring on Friday. I should also wash the rest of my washing, I suppose, so that I have a bit more leeway before getting set up for that in the new house.

It's fine about the e-mail - I wasn't necessarily expecting a response! I can't even remember what I wrote...