Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Today has been a day of challenges. It has also been the day of receiving a pay claim form for that maths teaching I did, so it was not all bad.

Today I am going to talk about being annoyed. If you are lucky, this will be brief.

One of the joys of my life at the moment is that everything seems to annoy me. When people ask me to do things in the wrong way I get annoyed; when people ask me to do things in the right way I get annoyed. I find going to bed annoying, and getting out of it again moreso. Having a shower is a bit of an imposition. The way my legs itch if they are three days away from being shaved with an Approved Razor is annoying. The mess the house is in is annoying. The way I am writing this list is ever so annoying, with a whole lot of extra redundancy. Let's change tactics.

Things I find annoying
  • I have too many clothes
  • me, in general
  • The "bold" thing that is happening with these bullet points
  • It appears that my e-mail has crashed
  • That previous phrase, with its non-grammatical nonsenseness
  • Inconsistent capitalisation
  • People asking me to do things
  • People coming to talk to me and rubbing their eyes instead
  • My reactions to aforementioned eye-rubbing, garlic-smelling person
  • The mundanity of existence
  • The pretentiosness of me
  • That there is nothing actually wrong but I still hate it all
  • The distance between where I park my car and where I work, and the fact that this distance can not be traversed within 60 seconds
  • Text messages
  • People responding to the e-mail they imagine I sent, rather than the one I actually sent
  • People telling me what to do
  • How I have too many crafts, but never get very far with them
  • How I whinge too much
  • How I can't be bothered to fix the bold issue
  • Spilling blackcurrant juice on the cream rug and settee
  • Spilling blackcurrant juice on my trousers. Fortunately, they are black. And sticky. That bit is less fortunate
  • How I do not have enough motivation to get out of this rut
  • Nana is still very ill, and probably feels like crap only worse
  • Mother has to deal with this and I do not help her mostly because I am not there, but also because I am afraid of people vomiting
  • Anne is ill again. Not very ill, but it is happening too much
  • Many of my friends are unhappy; some of them are very ill
  • Some of them tell me about it in text messages. When they find this blog entry, offence will be caused
  • I have to take some books back to the library, but I haven't finished reading them because I just don't have the time or the energy
  • I am too fat (actually, this is the most minor annoyance)
  • I still can't breathe properly but now believe that the test that needs doing will be a waste of time and show nothing, and also lead me no closer to being able to breathe properly
  • I keep typing "breathe" as "breather"
  • Modern Christian music
  • My role in modern Christian music
  • Not doing enough organ practice
  • My lack of staying power (a year ago, it was actually very good)
  • The state of my garage
  • My bad attitude
  • I haven't done any clarinet practice yet
  • I am out of sellotape. Still.
  • I should be in bed now
  • I feel very trapped
  • I am very annoying with this list, and also in general
  • I haven't done nearly enough packing
  • I am very snappy, and keep making sarcastic remarks at inappropriate times and to inappropriate people
  • I have no plan of action
  • I need to get a new bike light
  • Many of the other things that are happening in the world
Yeah. Still the bold issue (did I break the HTML? How?).

To end on a thoroughly inappropriate note, I was going to show you a photo of the creative sunburn I got last June, but Blogger is broken, apparently. This can only be a good thing; there are enough things in this post that I am going to regret already. I shall get some photos of things that are not felt animals up one day, though. Just not today.


Lisa Moon said...

Dear Abi,

I hope I've never sent you a text message telling you how sick I was, spilt blackcurrant juice on your trousers, settee or rug, or come up to you whilst rubbing my eyes and smelling of garlic.

If I have, please do accept my humblest of apologies.

Drat, and I was rather hoping to see the creative sunburn, hopefully not while listening to any Modern Christian music, please and thanks. (Unless of course you've decided to treat your loyal readers to a recording of your dulcet organ tones... um, did that sound odd to you, too?!).

I do hope your mood, your stain removers and your computer all work together in a happy and harmonious way for you, and promptly.

And I rather enjoy seeing felted animals!

Abi said...

Well, I am in a much better mood now, thank goodness. Life is so much better when one is happy, I find.

No organ music recordings just yet. That is, of course, because I do not have the appropriate recording equipment, rather than because my playing is crap. I think that it is unlikely that I would publicise a recording of me playing modern Christian music, though.

The stain remover has not yet been deployed, but the carpet is hiding the juice well. The juice on the settee is fading quite well, considering...

Abi said...

I think that I am out of that particular rut, to an extent. It didn't even require much motivation on my part - just a few people looking out for me and a few phone calls on my part. And, depending on your perspective, God. My perspective says that this is the case, but you are welcome to disagree. He probably won't hold it against you (especially if He doesn't exist). I am very grateful, though! It is so very, very good to feel as though one of my long-standing dreams is finally being realised. I am so excited! Hooray!