Thursday, 5 February 2009

Still moving. Will be moving for a while.

I continue to bimble along, achieving little. I have started to pack the contents of my house (five boxes down, more than I care to admit to go), and shall have to make a concerted effort in that direction this weekend. I told HWSNBN that I was prepared to take on a lot of the responsibility for this house move, so I shall have to become very proactive soon.

Last night I packed all gardening books of the appropriate size, most of Delia (her vegetarian collection is, alas, too big for my boxes) and my entire soup-making collection. And a few assorted cookbooks also of the appropriate size. I also moved three candles across to a different table, two matches back into their box, and the radio onto the floor. I can scarcely keep up with the pace of my packing myself - it must be very bewildering only to hear about it second-hand. I am sure you are amazed with the sheer quantity of book categories I can pack in just one single evening. Let me tell you, that is nothing. I can pack twice that, and propose to do so this evening. I know, I know; I really am setting difficult-to-achieve goals for myself, but one has to aim high or one will never achieve anything!

Actually, the most difficult goal I have set for myself is that of moving twice as many boxes from the office to the car as I did yesterday - I was at my limit with six boxes, one of which some girl took a fancy to. She requested it and I gave it to her with very bad grace indeed. I know - I can make a run at lunchtime. Tuesday's bags of shredded paper still take up most of the back of my car, though, and the hammocks (which I still haven't told HWSNBN about) are still in the boot of the car, plus I am giving a lift to my colleague this evening which means that a) I will not be getting rid of the shredded paper this evening; and b) I must not stack the passenger seat full of boxes. I could always lift up the back seats and stack the paper bags on top of each other, I suppose.

We also have to get rid of the bed settee temporarily. No need to pay attention to this section, though - I have a feeling I have said it already, and that I shall say it again a few times until the offending item is moved. Once that is gone I will have more space to sort out my clothes and *sob* get rid of some of them. As one of the objects of this house move is to make me get rid of excess stuff (as opposed to acquiring hammocks), I had better make a good job of it. Also, the washing needs to be washed and put away. As HWSNBN will be off work for a few days he might do this. Then again, he might not. I ought to put a wash on when I get home (I notice that he has put a selection of dirty clothes in the basket - it will not be hard), and put lots of clean clothes away.

I noticed that the knicker fairy had been to fill up the knicker drawer since yesterday morning. I didn't look in the sock drawer (wearing tights today. You don't think they would go in the sock drawer, do you? How absurd. They go in the bra, corset and nightwear drawer, of course!) but I suspect that she will have visited too - she works with the knicker fairy quite regularly. The t-shirt, shirt and skirt fairy, alas, does not exist (HWSNBN might beg to differ on this one, although he would lament the infrequency of her visits). The trouser fairy has only ever appeared to me once, but she did a good job in difficult circumstances. Her little fairy hands must be better at getting trousers into an already full drawer than mine are.

I am starting to feel a little sad about moving. Still afraid (although much less so), but the packing process just makes me feel bad. It's the emptying and removing myself from the place,I suppose. I could also be mis-attributing the sadness I feel because I have so much packing to do, to the fact that I am leaving this house. That doesn't sound entirely unlikely. Mind you, I am the sort of person who likes to be where she is already. Going anywhere always takes time because I rarely want to stop staying put. Even at work it can take me ages to leave, because I am settled there.

Ah well; I am sure that this will all be very good for me. If Efficient Abi manages to surface this evening, some actual progress may well be made...


Lisa Moon said...

Can... barely... type... too dizzy with the speed and sheer array of packing miracles afoot! Brava!

Also, I don't believe I have a knicker fairy! How does one obtain the services of one? Do they restock or merely tidy what's already present? What are a knicker fairy's parameters, exactly, please?!

Also, what's this about a drawer full of bras, corsets and nightwear! How fascinating! I'm not sure I'm familiar; you might wish to attach photos to explain for me, if you would be so kind... along with the elegant, strappy climbing shoes which aren't!

Please and thanks. :)

Abi said...

Sory for the dizziness - I should really have made the title into a warning. I think the title sounds rather dull, which might have lulled some people (see how I can pretend you're not the only reader!) into a false sense of security.

I do not know how one gets the services of a knicker fairy - she just appeared one day. I think it might be one of life's mysteries. Just like the tea fairy. She has been on holiday this week, but I am hoping that she will start leaving cups of tea downstairs for me again some time soon.

Sorry - that drawer sounds really exciting because I didn't describe the bras or nightwear. The bras are small and padded, and the nightwear is predominantly for warmth. I only wear nightwear if I know I am going to be too cold or if there are other people about. I have one long black sexy nightie, but the rest are snuggly and not necessarily in colours that suit me.

The corset is OK, though. It's purple and satiny. It doesn't fit properly (one day I shall have to get one made for me), as the waist does not go in enough, or something. Basically, the waist would be smaller if the corset wasn't trying to compress my ribs also. I know that this is how they work, but it would be much better with a smaller waist. As would I. I am too fat for it at the moment (about a stone heavier than would be ideal), and I don't think that there are any photos of that time I wore it to a party.

That was quite a good party. It was one in which we had to wear something we bought at a charity shop. I have a more challenging time not wearing something I bought from a charity shop, so this was not a problem. I wore my purple corset and a black skirt.

Perhaps photos when I lose some weight. The cycling commences in about three weeks, so it should all get better after then. But you don't get to see the nightclothes, nor how I usually dress for bed!