Thursday, 26 February 2009


We are in the painfully messy process of emptying the loft. HWSNBN passed a box down to me and spider poo fell off it into my eye. He made a disgusted noise but offered no sympathy.

Also, my new walls are sticky.


Lisa Moon said...


(sounds of lisa moon retching)

How horrid! You can't bleach your eye, so I hope you at least ran tap water over it for a long while... how gross! Ew!

Abi said...

At least the boxes we extracted on subsequent days were less utterly minging. I did not run tap water over it at all; I just rubbed it a lot and hoped. My eye didn't fall out, nor did it become infected, so I think that I only have psychological trauma, and not the physical stuff. I think that I will not store boxes in a loft like that any more.