Saturday, 31 January 2009

Today - now with title!

Today has been a busy day. I woke up at 11.15, but was able to spend another 55 minutes just lying there. That was nice. I wish that I had the opportunity to do that more often; it would probably make it quite boring after a few goes, and I would just get up and get stuff done.

Having got up and eaten breakfast, we went into City for Potato Day. This is an annual event during which one can purchase organic seed potatoes for 15p each. I bought 36 potatoes (6 each of 6 varieties) and am pleased with my haul. Last year they did not have Maris Peer (2nd early) in stock, but this year they did: cause for much rejoicing, and all that. They also still had Red Duke of York (1st early) and Arran Victory (maincrop), which was great - I love the red and purple ones the most: it's like digging up jewels, then you get to eat them! Also, I like to make a potato salad out of Red Duke of York for my birthday party in June. Last year it took a whole row of them to make one potato salad, but it is always worth it. I also bought Bamboo, a salad potato, Remarka (maincrop - good at blight resistance, apparently) and Maris Bard (1st early). These are an experiment, and I hope they pay off. At the very least, I hope not to have the blight problems we had last year and the year before. Please, God, make it rain less this year.

After that had been achieved, we went to HWSNBN's mother's house and painted the garage floor. We used a little over half the tin for the first coat - I really hope we have enough for the second coat tomorrow. The wind kept blowing leaves onto the wet paint (where did they come from? Autumn was ages ago! Having said that, I was looking at some fat sheep a few days ago and wondered how they had got so fat, it being autumn and them, presumably, being only recently impregnated. I now realise that I was wrong; autumn was ages ago, and they will be giving birth very shortly. Saw my first 2009 lambs this morning), which was frustrating: it was very satisfying to shut the garage door. I am now less than enthusiastic about the second coat, which is a shame. I was hoping to have enough enthusiasm to do both coats without any problems, but that does not look likely. HWSNBN's mum will be making us dinner after we finish the second coat, though, which is a good incentive.

Speaking of whom, I looked under her bathroom sink today and discovered a stockpile of my soaps. I though that she had run out, but it doesn't look as though she is using them at all. Ah well - it means that I don't have to worry about making enough for her next time. More for Serena, who doesn't seem to use any other sort of soap at the moment. It is a bit frustrating, though - I think I gave her some of my best soaps, which I have now run out of. I want to give them to someone else now (i.e. Linda - no way I'm going to be able to make her a lavender soap in the near future, but I know a person who has one going spare now), but never mind. At least I know now. It is very frustrating always to receive the wrong presents from people, which they mistakenly believe that one likes, but one, in fact, hates. I shall be able to avoid doing that, and potentially inducing guilt, now. She would be better off with some of my soaps than with that liquid soap she uses, though - mine are full of all sorts of goodies.

Sorry - did I just go off on one? Please be assured that there are no hard feelings there, although there is an awful lot of poorly written stuff.

As it appears that I am currently operating on an "it is in my head; let's get it out here" basis, may I take a moment to say how much I love my new shoes? They are black and shiny, and have long ankle straps which go round twice. They look quite elegant, which is unusual for shoes belonging to me. They are also really comfortable for climbing shoes.* Which is something, I suppose. I hope that I will have worn them in sufficiently to be worn on an actual outing some time soon...

Other than that, it appears that the truffles I made before Christmas really need eating now (damn), so I am making a gentle start with that. Two is a good start; I can have a few more tomorrow.

Now I had better practise tomorrow's hymn. I could do with sounding as though I have seen an organ before, as we have a visiting preacher. Also, I mustn't forget to collect Jeanne on my way there - must text her now to remind her she's supposed to be waiting for me...

*Climbing shoes are not comfortable. They have to be really close-fitting to be useful, and this often has its disadvantages. I would love it if all climbing shoes were as comfortable as these shoes; alas, they are not.


Lisa Moon said...

Oh, so sorry you have had to dig into your leftover truffles; how very traumatic for you! As with the soaps, I want you to know I'm here for you should you want or need some support with that! :)

Also, I'm rather intrigued with the ankle-strappy shoes which are both elegant and suitable for climbing! Please, if possible, do attach a photo, please!

I have some 'girlie' looking shoes, in the Mary Jane style, which are quite cleverly NOT altogether girlie; on the bottom the feature a quite rugged, outdoor adventurey sole, with the brand's trademark anti-scuff toe cover - which is quite useful for not only protecting your toesies but for kicking... er, things, by accident, without hurting your toes. Ahem.

Here, you can see some at this like, should you fancy a peek:

Mine are all black, but this site has the great feature of giving you an array of views of the shoes, so you can see what I mean...

These are my FAVOURITE shoes which I get compliments on every time I wear them. VERY sadly, I can no longer wear them due to the swelling which goes with my neurological syndrome. :( VERY sad indeed!

Abi said...

Alas, truffles would be extra-traumatic for you, as I am not sure that they wold keep for long enough to avoid giving you food poisoning. Anyway, I am doing my job well and there are only three left now. Thank goodness for that.

I do have rather a lot of soap ends I need help with, though. On the one hand, I want to use every soap I make at least once; on the other hand, I don't think that will be possible unless I don't make any more soap for at least two years. The ends are fine, but have a few extra lines on them where they sat against the end of the mould. If you do want any, let me know - I appear to be sending soap etc. out to an awful lot of people I haven't met at the moment!

I am very jealous indeed of your shoes. I have wanted Keen shoes for a couple of years, but can't really afford them and so have not tried them on (our climbing, sorry, outdoors shop is a bit intimidating) - I want to see if I can get some from the Internet, but need a style and size first. They look so very, very comfortable, though.

Oh, but you say that you cannot wear them? That is very sad indeed. It almost makes me feel good not having them, compared to having them and not being able to wear them (yes, I really, really want a pair! Except for if they didn't fit, in which case my obsession would go away and I would be happier).

My shoes were not featured on the Clarks website when I wrote the post. I got them in the sale and did try to find a pair to show you, but failed miserably. Even though I knew the name. There was a similar pair of shoes, but I couldn't get a direct link - it was always via a search term. Here it is:

These aren't my shoes - mine have the same shape, but with nice ankle-y straps. Perhaps I shall take a photo one day...