Monday, 26 January 2009

Looking promising

Well, we signed the contract. Now to discontinue the old contract and get packing.

The kitchen in the new place is dreadful: it was probably ultra-modern in 1953. I may have to make a new one. I do hope that I can afford to do so; it would be an excellent joinery exercise. Not that I haven't made a kitchen before, you understand, but this time I might use some actual joinery techniques rather than just drilling holes and inserting screws. I would make pretty doors and ensure that the hinge holes were in the correct place. Hmm; we shall see.

The maths teaching thing is still on. I am getting increasingly worried. Roll on 3.15 on Friday. Except that I need more time to prepare.

On Saturday, we are due to paint HWSNBN's mum's garage floor with concrete sealant. We will then be able to stack our boxes of packed stuff in there, thus making way for other boxes of stuff.

I am still terrified by the whole moving thing, and probably also by the maths teaching thing. And also with the "what do I do next, career-wise" thing. Also by the whole difficulty with making this new house comfortable and beautiful.

But now it is time for bed. More complaining and terrified squirming soon!

And yes, the title is a bit weird with the contents of this post. But it really is looking promising - it will be good when we are settled and can walk to the pub! I just don't know what it is going to cost (financially and in terms of upset) to get to that stage. I am so annoyingly contrary. Humph.


Lisa Moon said...

I empathise with the squirming and the general stress and fear and confusion which can surround moving. I just went through it - and this time as one who had to mostly sit by and watch other people move my crap!!! AAAH! But that's another story which you can (and perhaps already have) followed on my blog, lol.

Anyway, I think the move sounds great and, once you're there it will be wonderful and a great relief.

Sending positive vibes for your maths lessons!

Abi said...

I just feel so stupid! Last night I was worrying about moving back to the area we are currently living, and I haven't even moved away yet! I think that perhaps I have a few underlying issues. That's my professional opinion, obviously. ;-)

I handed in our notice on the current place yesterday. That was sad. I shall miss the shower and the well-put-togetherness of the kitchen, plus the central heating and the garage. I shall not miss the journeys to work, the distance from everything and its general tininess.

It's like a mantra: "This will be OK". I want to tell myself just to shut up and deal with it; much as I do not like to follow orders, I shall now do so for a few hours.

I did follow your house move, of course! If you write it, I will read it. You seemed a lot more positive; I got the impression that you were both up for moving (although I realise that the picture I get is the one you give to me). The packing is always an issue, though, especially when control is removed from you. Even more so when you either have to tell people exactly what you want or suffer the consequences of their packing. Mind you, unpacking is always more exciting that way - like Christmas!