Thursday, 22 January 2009


Today I signed up to teach a two hour maths lesson to two different groups of 14-16 year-olds next Friday. This will be an interesting challenge. Normally I would say no, as I am not actually a maths teacher, but I think that I might be building up evidence that I am not normal. Anyway, I like a challenge. And they are somewhat desperate.

I am working on a lesson plan at the moment. I need to engage them with something that they wouldn't normally have the opportunity to do in a maths lesson. I want to maybe get them to make something, but I don't yet know how I could fit that in. It has to fit in, time-wise (making things tends to over-run) and also help them to make connections and boost their confidence.

I am a little scared, but I shall work on lesson plans over the weekend; when I know what I am trying to put across I am sure that I shall feel better. Except that by that point it will be less far away. My uncle is a maths teacher, so he will give me some help (and has given me some help, also).

So I shall be busy this weekend. Very busy indeed. The weekend isn't even here yet, and I am busy. Also a little incoherent.


Lisa Moon said...

How very... brave of you! What an interesting group to work with, also.
I think your idea of engaing them by having them make something is brilliant; hopefully it will not involve bombs, zombies or other 'cool' things - don't want them having too much fun, now.

Good luck with your lesson planning! I look forward to hearing more. :)

Abi said...

I am terrified. Why did I agree to that? Was I actually thinking at the time?

Ah well, it will make for an interesting evening today; I want to get a good start made before HWSNBN returns home from the pub, at which point he will undoubtedly bibble on at me for a bit, then go to sleep and start snoring. Last time he managed 7 pints and a brandy, which was impressive. This time I am hoping that he is a bit more moderate. I am so tense at the moment it is very difficult to get to sleep; his snoring is not going to help.