Saturday, 10 January 2009

Too much felting

You know that you have spent too much time felting when you notice a bit of puffiness in your cheek and think, "It's OK - I'll just stab it with a needle a bit and it will look better."

On the other hand, the goldfish I started to make is very nearly finished. It is a bit puffy in parts, and I have spent a long time stabbing it with a needle to reduce that puffiness; for the goldfish, fortunately, that method works rather well.


Lisa Moon said...

Yes, Abi, I think it's time to put *down* the needles when you consider felting your cheeks down!

Then again, if it will work on my tummy, please send me some via post and as I should like to try it, too. ;)

Can't wait to see the goldfish!

Abi said...

I did consider that, but decided that a heavily-felted middle section would probably be far too stiff and unyielding. Having said that, it would work wonders for my posture!

Imagine the pain, though. Wool has much less highly-developed nerve endings than my tummy (so my biology education leads me to believe); I think I would wriggle far too much to make this a useful technique.

Don't know when the goldfish will be making an appearance - I may finish a few friends for him/her first. I plan to make a mobile...