Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Maths. Woo. Hoo.

As I type, HWSNBN is getting my exercise ball down from the loft. I shall use it on Friday; my students can throw it around the room. I am sure that it will be more interesting than anything I am going to be teaching them (although I shall not release it until they have calculated its volume).

I can't find a GCSE maths curriculum online, though. This is most disappointing; it would be useful if I were to know what I was actually supposed to be teaching. Ho hum. They'll just have to get what they are given, I suppose. My dearest uncle McMillan has just provided me with some material, though, so all may not be lost. Except for with my writing, which is beyond dreadful.

I got more felt today, along with some more felting needles. These are not vicious, as I was promised by a certain Lisa, though; they just have indentations in them. I even bought the full range of sizes so that I could guarantee to damage myself. The felt is in two shades of green, two shades of red/orange and white person flesh. I forgot to get brown. I hope that when I lead the session on felt making, nobody wants to make any animal-coloured animals other than frogs, goldfish, superlambananas and people. Oh, and pigs, salmon and sheep, of course.

HWSNBN doesn't yet know that I bought two hammocks today. I don't know how I am going to break that one to him, as it was clearly both contra-indicated and forbidden, under the circumstances. They are not tiny. If we had hammock-hooks in the new house, they might be a good idea. As it is, they may have to wait a while before I use them. Wouldn't hammock hooks be great, though? I could also get one for that wrought iron candelabra my friend bought for my birthday several years ago. It would be useful to use it, rather than simply carting it from loft to loft (which, incidentally, stops here as we won't have a loft next time. Not that the candelabra does - the loft does).

Bed, methinks. Night night!


Lisa Moon said...

Gosh, I'm SO behind and missed this post altogether!

Well, I'm certainly glad you've found less-injurious needles to use; wondering at the wisdome of the needles I have used, since it was when I was working at a program for adults who have developmental disabilities! "Let's see; we shall give them this craft, involving long, sharp needles which also have thorn-like protrustions along the bottom half-end for holding the wool! Yes, brilliant plan!"

Um, except, I think I got 'bitten' worse than they did... nasty little things (the needles, not my clients!).

Lisa Moon said...

Oops! Also, I love the idea of the exercise ball! Sounds brilliant!

Abi said...

I think that maybe I got the wrong needles - I think there is a set more coarse I could obtain. They might hurt me. Alternatively, perhaps HWSNBN wrote to the wool company and asked them not to supply any dangerous needles to me, so the ones I have are all the same.

Or perhaps Canada's idea of health and safety is less healthy and safe than in the UK. Maybe our needles just have to compensate in an understated, stiff upper lip sort of way...