Monday, 18 August 2008

This morning

Getting up in the morning is rarely easy for me. The combination of my increasingly late bedtimes, my need for at least eight hours of sleep and my job which requires daily attendance starting before nine-thirty means that I never seem to achieve a decent night’s sleep during the week. This morning was no exception; having got to bed after midnight, and to sleep after one, I failed to emerge from bed before eight-thirty, having spent an hour pressing the snooze button. Incidentally, I am rather fond of the alarm on this particular phone – its snooze button gives (allows?) an extra ten minutes of sleep, as opposed to the six minutes given by my first phone. To my mind, this is a much more reasonable amount of time for snoozing. It also prevents the need to do complex maths when deciding what time I need to set my alarm to make sure I wake up at the appropriate time. Adding sixes is much harder than adding tens.

To compound my early-morning bad mood, the milk had gone off, meaning that He Who Shall Not Be Named did not leave me his customary cup of tea. I never have enough time to make one myself, so this goes a long way towards preparing me for the day ahead.

The leaving of the cups of tea is one of the things I love most about HWSNBN. It makes me feel both happy and less thirsty. Rather like a well-timed gin and tonic, but more appropriate for both my liver and my driving licence. HWSNBN will be bringing milk home with him this evening, in order to avoid a repeat performance (or lack thereof, anyway) tomorrow. This morning I left the house feeling very thirsty, which was probably not helped by the three glasses of wine I had yesterday evening, nor by the pint of water I failed to drink. Newsflash: you have to drink it for it to do you any good; simply filling the glass and bringing it upstairs will not suffice.

It now appears that the slightly irritated eye I went to bed with last night is infected. Yummy. There is nothing like an irritated, itchy eye to make me look and feel at my best. Also, there is nothing like over-sharing to win friends and admirers. This evening, I shall try to banish this infection by washing my eyes with coconut oil. It makes my vision go blurry for a bit, but seems to do the trick. Additionally, coconut oil is great for making soap (it makes it harder and more capable of producing lather) and moisturising both hair and skin. It does not rinse out of hair easily the day you apply it, though – something to bear in mind when deep-conditioning before going to a big party, or spending Christmas day with the family.

So, to conclude, I’m still not quite into the swing of this blogging thing. I am unable to form a narrative which is both cohesive and interesting (it is a bit interesting, isn’t it?), and am liable to jump between topics using only tenuous links. I am also unable to conclude this entry without explicitly stating that it is a conclusion; there is no natural ending within the text above.

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