Friday, 15 August 2008

The Beginning

Thus it begins. I suspect that this blog will consist of poorly-written, uninteresting passages of nothingness, updated infrequently. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

I am a procrastinator (hence the likelihood of infrequent updates) living in the North-West of England. I like climbing, playing the organ, sleeping, growing vegetables, making soap and martial arts. I dislike writing things by hand, being told what to do by people who know less than I do, and spending money on clothes. And people who punctuate poorly. I suspect that this will come back to bite me. In fact, I suspect I have already been bitten by the poor sentence construction gnome.

I live in a tiny little house in suburbia, with one boyfriend and no pets (he's allergic). We have been living there for nearly four years, and I am desperate to escape! Alas, on our salaries we cannot afford to buy anything at the moment, and so must sit tight waiting for the housing market to crash and the recession to start. Woo hoo.

Will I ever produce anything worth reading? We shall see...

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