Thursday, 21 August 2008

Church weekend

Tomorrow, I shall encounter that fresh new hell which is a church weekend.

I have been on one before. When I was fifteen, I went as part of the somewhat depleted child/teenager component. We behaved well and were no trouble. I even played the piano. When I returned I had a new sister (but that is not really relevant here).

This weekend will be from the Other Side. I shall be going as one of the responsible adults, and there will be many children. The eldest will probably be eleven, and the youngest still a baby (this depends on who actually turns up - I have not seen the list). I will not be surprised if we are outnumbered. Furthermore, these children are a little more high-maintenance than average.*

I am a little worried about how this is going to go.

Admittedly I got lucky with the coach. As it leaves 2 1/2 hours before I am permitted to leave work, I have to get to our exciting venue in my car. I cannot tell you the number of ways this makes me happy, but arriving there at least 2 1/2 hours into the proceedings is one benefit. Also that I could, technically, leave whenever I want.

I have just remembered that my welly socks, a required component for this trip, are covered in soil and will need to be washed, dried and packed tonight. I dread to think what else lurks unrecorded in the laundry basket.

He Who Shall Not Be Named is also going away, for two weeks. As I understand it, he has to go far away to do a thing with computers which has to do with setting up and may involve some cables. And, of course, lots of manly tools. It is very important, obviously. That goes without saying.

I shall miss him. Not only will he be gone when I return from my weekend of joy, leaving the house empty and requiring me to cook food for one person.** I will also be required to make my own tea in the mornings, although I am thinking of making a big batch and freezing it in cup-sized portions, so all I have to do is microwave them.

As a result of this upheaval, I may not update for a few days. No doubt anyone reading my archives will be disturbed to see a gap of a few days between updates, and for that I apologise. Personally, I have mixed feelings about gaps in archives. On the one hand, fewer posts means less reading to do before I reach the present day; on the other hand, it suggests a blogger with a propensity to update infrequently, which will not make me love them more.

So there we go. See you on the other side of this trip...

*I do not presently have much knowledge about how high-maintenance the average child is, and I would like to keep it that way for a few more years. However, this means that my perception, in this instance, may be inaccurate.

**This is a bit of a waste of time, in my opinion. I could cook for two and save the rest of the food for later, but somehow I always don't.

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