Sunday, 17 August 2008

More shopping and a small reunion

I managed to forget one of my hymn books this morning - I ended up having to play 'Be Thou my Vision' in the wrong key (i.e. not the one I learned yesterday). That was rather annoying. The organ also decided to lose some notes during the communion music. Fortunately I was prepared, and simply switched to the other manual.

This afternoon we went shopping in Liverpool, and bought more clothes for He Who Shall Not Be Named. It was much more productive than yesterday - he tried clothes on without complaint, and emerged with a whole new wardrobe of summer-type clothes. I bought a pair of socks. It's amazing how much self-control I can display when there is no time for me to look at clothes (being a shopping companion does not allow for this, apparently. My opinion is required). I also bought a cotton bag from the new Debenham's, insofar as I passed it to HWSNBN with a hopeful expression on my face and he paid for it.

After this, we went round to the house of a school friend and her husband for tea; we were meeting another school friend there. As two of us live in different counties and the other lives in a different country, we don't get the chance to meet up very often. We actually managed to arrive 50 minutes early, which is unusual for me to say the least. We admired the jungle they keep in their back yard, and picked the pods of their sweet peas to try to convince them to flower once more.

Dinner was a variety of Indian dishes, followed by home-made blackberry ice cream. Very yummy! I must get my ice cream maker working again and make some myself. I love that it is so cheap - the blackberries themselves are free.

We returned home at 11.00, and are now preparing for yet another week of work. At least next Monday will be a Bank Holiday...

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