Saturday, 16 August 2008

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As I am running short of interesting things to say, I shall proceed to post rubbish until some inspiration hits me. This, therefore, is the bit where I say that my writing and choice of subject matter are no good, so that if anyone criticises either of them I can say that I already noticed, and thus not accept any of the blame. See how cunning and anticipatory I am.

Today has been rather a lazy day. In an ideal world, I would always sleep for the first half of Saturday, and today I was very nearly able to do that, only being woken shortly before 11. I then proceeded to take until 3.45 to get up, have a shower, read the really important blogs, make lunch and get out of the house to go shopping.

Shopping was not as good as I had hoped. He Who Shall Not Be Named (yes, my boyfriend is he) decided that, although we were going clothes shopping for him, he would not deign to try on any t-shirts. I am of the opinion that this is a fundamental part of clothes shopping, and concluded from this that our trip was not likely to be successful. He is of the opinion that, apart from that unfortunate incident with the too-tight designer t-shirt (which was my fault, because I pointed it out), all shirts nominally in the appropriate size fit him, so trying them on is not necessary. Also, that his girlfriend should stop being so grumpy.

Toiletry shopping was conducted amidst many frowns. Three shops later normal clothes shopping behaviour was resumed, with HWSNBN trying on two t-shirts, one of which was very nice. Alas, neither was deemed suitable. However, we returned to the first shop and four tops were tried on. Three of them did not fit, and he bought the other one. I felt vindicated.

We then returned home with triumph in our hearts. I proceeded to decide that we did not have anything suitable for me to eat, while he suggested all sorts of carbohydrates. Eventually, I threw together some 'soup' (puree?) made from roasted sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, curry paste, coconut and chick peas. HWSNBN appeared to appreciate this, and finished it off with crisps. Success! Given that he's a crazy, vegetable-liking person, I am trying not to read too much into this. I would have preferred it too runny to hold the spoon upright.

Alas, due to the rain we were unable to go to The Field to cut grass (him), plant quinoa (yes, it's far too late for that. I am bad) and mint, and pick copious amounts of peas. Now I must learn the hymns for tomorrow morning. Apparently, that can be a good tactic.

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