Friday, 29 August 2008

Busy weekend

This weekend promises to be uncomfortably busy. I no longer have to go climbing this evening, which frees up several hours to practise the organ and bake a cake for the vicar's leaving do on Sunday, but I shall be out of the house between 10.00 tomorrow and about 15.00 on Sunday. I think that I might invite HWSNBN's mother round for dinner on Sunday, too. That will ease the pressure.

In 'Other News', I am struggling with the hymns for tomorrow's wedding. I really hope they become firmly embedded in my psyche this evening. The problem with them is that I have decided to play the bass line with my feet, which I have not quite mastered yet. If I get it right, it will sound much better with feet than without, but if I get it wrong it will be very embarrassing.

Will update on Sunday. If I get sufficient sleep over the weekend, I may even be able to get it together sufficiently to say something interesting...

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