Friday, 20 March 2009

The weekend is here!

Hooray! A chance to drop items off at charity shops, and refill fabric conditioner bottles; to play the organ in a small variety of different contexts; to feel bad about not having the time to visit Mother on Mothers' Day; to get up late on Saturday.

Only two more weeks before the Easter break. I get nearly two weeks off at that point, which will be a relief. I shall kidnap Anne and force her to make Easter eggs for my family, and attempt to achieve large amounts of organ practice while the church is open, thus heartily annoying anyone who wants to actually go to church to sit quietly and peacefully. If one is doing it correctly, the majority of organ practice should probably be quite boring to listen to.

I shall also hopefully get a chance to recharge my batteries, and may be able to write better afterwards. How I wish that I could stop feeling so tired! I might write something less deeply unsatisfactory than this post. That would be a novelty.


Elizabeth McClung said...

That sounds fun, I have never done easter eggs so I would be curious how that goes. Also I think once you are caught up on the practice you want, you will be much more "Ah ha!" to the world. But also, aren't you exhausted after the move?

Abi said...

Easter eggs are really easy, especially the mini ones. You just pour the melted chocolate into the moulds (each mould taking a half-egg), let them set in the fridge, take them out of the moulds, put them in pairs and wrap them up in tinfoil. People think that you have made a big effort. Which, of course, you have - drives me mad every year!

I am exhausted after the move, and after practising until 10 yesterday evening then staying up late, talking, and with life in general. I will feel better soon (probably when the holiday I will be getting starts), and look forward to that immensely!