Wednesday, 11 March 2009


It's a bit of an uphill struggle this week. I have no free time (I know - who could possibly have predicted that?) and even if I fill all of my time with things I need to do, I still don't have time to get everything that needs doing, done.

For example, last week I managed about four hours of organ practice. I knew that this wasn't really enough, but what I was playing seemed to be coming together quite well. At the lesson, it became apparent that I ought to be looking at doing twice as much practice to see if that would get me up to a suitable standard. This week, I have managed 20 minutes so far. I should manage another 30 minutes this lunchtime, if the church keys are handed to me this evening I should get another 30 minutes to 2 hours (30 minutes looks more likely - I am tired and need to get to bed on time) after choir practice, and there is a good chance I will manage 30 minutes tomorrow lunchtime, also. After that, there will be no other opportunity to practice before my lesson. Therefore the best-case scenario is that I manage 3 hours 20 minutes, and the likely scenario (I am SO not going to get the keys this evening) is up to 1 hour 20 minutes. Really not enough time. I now need to cancel my lesson for next week. However, after that I should hopefully have the church keys, and I also will not be going to London for a while, so I can really start to get into it.

Where does this leave HWSNBN, though? Does he want me to be unavailable every waking moment? Did he get into a relationship with me so that he had someone to share a house and a bed with? I think that he did not. Especially not this house.

Ah well; time to soldier on, I suppose. It will probably not get much worse than it is today (choir practice this evening and I still cannot play the pieces properly), and it may even get better at some point. I can't help but feel that I am neglecting a lot of important stuff at the moment. This is, of course, because I am neglecting a lot of important stuff at the moment.


Lisa Moon said...

Drat - sorry, I'm still short a few updates to make attempts at witty comments to. On? Whatever.

SO glad you're able to toss those numbers about because you lost me pretty quickly. Then again, it is late and I am very tired.

As I'm sure are you.

May your move recovery be hasty and as pleasant as possible.

<3 :

Abi said...

You're still attempting to make witty comments? As you may have gathered, I gave up on that recently. Hopefully that will return (although it was arguably not really worth trying because it wasn't that witty in the first place).

Thanks for the good wishes. I hope that it improves soon. Actually, I hope that HWSNBN gets bored tomorrow evening and gets the entire house in order (preferably without throwing all of my things away. Although that would certainly be a faster way to do it, with long-term benefits).