Thursday, 19 March 2009

Itchy again

Ooh - over a week since my last post. How time flies!

We are making progress on the settling in front - we have a wardrobe in the bedroom, and I have a) realised that I have far more hangers than could be considered to be reasonable, and b) started to hang up some of my clothes. Today, for the first time since moving, I was able to locate and wear a skirt. This is excellent news, as my legs are amazingly itchy at the moment. They woke me up this morning at about 2.30, and are not really playing nicely at the moment. I kind of want to do something drastic and make the itching go away, but mostly I think that I should let it do its thing until I see a doctor on Monday (for something completely different) so that he can perhaps give me some insight into why they are so horrible. When I scratch them, they look like bad teenage boy pimple-face, but without the really nasty bits. But I think I just crossed some sort of boundary there, so I shall return to the subject about which I was trying to talk.

The other bit of progress we have made is that we have the other bed-settee. It is a bit too big for the room in which it is currently residing (the front room), but I don't think that it can go anywhere else, so it will just have to deal with that. It's a bit of a joke, really - as settees go, this one is quite tiny. I am in awe at how much stuff we actually managed to fit into the previous, smaller house. Of course, when everything is settled here it will seem a lot more spacious than the previous house. There will hopefully be an occasional bit of wall without furniture against it (although I shall be honest - so far I have always seen that as an excellent opportunity to acquire more furniture to help to store the crap which invariably covers my house. I aim to stop doing that now, and possibly even look at getting rid of a piece of furniture).

Yesterday evening I gave the bread maker to Serena, who will pass it on to her mother. I am glad to be rid of that! I only used it once, and have never had a space to allocate to it in the kitchen. The next step is to get rid of all of the rest of the crap that is earmarked for disposal. I foresee a couple of arduous charity shop trips this Saturday (arduous because what I shall be carrying will be bloody heavy, and possibly also quite unwieldy), followed by a fresh sense of awe at how much crap remains.

This evening, I shall have the evening off! No places to be, just a house to tidy and dinner to cook. Sounds relaxing, does it not? HWSNBN's mum and sister are coming round tomorrow evening, and so I feel that I should make the effort to make the house look like the sort of place where it might be nice to live. Yes, this will be a challenge, but just think how much fun it would be to have a house with usable rooms! I can't even remember the last time this really happened.

Actually, I can. Yesterday, while I was attempting to make my room look a bit better, I stumbled across a box full of old photos. Flicking through, I found loads of photos of my old student room. Ah - those were the days! It was a very large room, and had to serve a variety of purposes: bedroom, kitchen, dressing room, office, living room and menagerie. It had a load of guinea pig hutches and cages set up in the corner, with the occasional guinea pig allowed to run round the floor. I had forgotten how shiny the guinea pigs used to be! I would make an effort to scan in some photos and post them up except that a) I am too lazy, and b) the floor had a lot of sawdust on it, and I wouldn't want you to know about that. You would be able to see how slack I am capable of being around the house.

There were also photos of my baby sister when she was still tiny - they were very cute indeed. She really did look like my little sister then. Alas, with all of the looking at photos I got distracted and never did manage to finish sorting out the bookcase in my room, so that I could put some actual books on it. I did, however, manage to get some skirts and a dress put into my wardrobe, meaning that I got to wear a skirt today. A full-length one, of course; it's rare that I wear any other sort (if I am being honest, this is because they are all slightly smaller than I am thin at the moment - I'll get to wear them again one day, I am sure). This is great - it hides my hideous, itchy legs. Except when I hitch it up because the fabric is making my legs itch. Thinking about it is making my legs itch at the moment, though, so that's not really much of an achievement.

I am so tired. Apologies if none of this makes sense. Right now, I'd like to sleep for a long time.


Elizabeth McClung said...

I wish I could have seen your old apartment, sawdust and all, and the guinea pigs - I like when people look at photos, you can see the memories in thier faces, the emotions in their eyes.

Lisa Moon said...

I agree with Elizabeth!

Also, isn't it just so draining, the whole moving process?

I thought I'd look forward to the decorating of the new place with my do-dahs, but honestly, I haven't even gotten that far!

We just moved in, managed to sort out the essentials and then started living. I'm gonna need to bring in some help of the clean-freak type to sort the rest out, methinks... sigh. OK, to be fair, I can't really do nearly as much as I used to be able to, so when I'm 'inspired' to get going (usually results in my getting 'on a roll' and not wanting to quit, therefore is quite productive), I'm also simultaneously stymied by my inability to do anything without large amounts of pain... yep, time to find a willing and/or paid helper to sort the rest of this out. I've been here nearly 3 months!

Haha, your word verification reads: crankw, which I have translated into 'cranky' which is how my disorganised home makes me feel! Ahh!

Abi said...

Elizabeth, yes I have no doubt that I looked very happy while looking at the old photos, but it wasn't getting the tidying done! It is always so much fun finding old photos, though. I feel slightly bad that I don't print them out any more, but really that just leads to a different way of looking at them, and it's harder to lose them (unless you lose them all in one fell swoop).

Lisa, I am finding the moving process very tiring, to say the least. I keep promising myself "this evening I'll do such & such", and failing to do so. At this rate, it will finally be sorted a couple of days before it's time to start moving out again.

The trouble with other people helping out is that you don't always know where they put stuff. My baking trays, kindly tidied away by HWSNBN, were found hiding in a drawer. It's a wonderful place to keep them, but had me baffled. And last night he hid my antihistamines in the vitamin drawer, but that was OK because at least it was logical...

The great thing about other people helping out is that the house gets sorted so much faster, and in the end you find that you don't actually mind having to search a little harder to find some things.