Thursday, 26 March 2009


Apparently, I am to be given keys at the Motherchurch, which will enable me to practice whenever the church is open. I am to receive them this evening, so perhaps this is when the extended practice sessions are to commence...

Actually, now that the prospect of actually doing extended practice sessions is very nearly upon me I am feeling slightly less enthusiastic. I think that this is only natural - I am about to take away the various assorted bits of free time I keep handy in case I want to sit on my bum doing nothing, and put them into a large, possibly cold building in a situation which will involve lots of work.

Also, now if I fail it will be my fault. So far, I have been able to blame my bad playing on lack of access to the instrument, but that will not be an option from now on. If I do not make the effort to turn up frequently and put in good work (I am very prone to putting in some good work, then getting distracted and starting to play any old nonsense) then I shall not improve. I think that this is what the problem is - it's not a problem with being unhappy about devoting time to practice, really

Given that failure is not an option, I am sure that it will all be fine. The MSc worked out in the end, and this has got to be easier than that! I should at least avoid the issue of writer's block - it's never hard for me to find something that needs practising.

This evening, of course, is choir practice. I spent quite a while working on one of the pieces yesterday evening, but when I played through it at the end of the session it was almost as though I hadn't bothered. I hope that it will have consolidated itself overnight (it very frequently does, and I wonder when, exactly, I managed to learn a particular bit of music); I have another 15 minutes to play with this evening and then I must be off to collect my keys, and face the music (as it were) with respect to my lack of practice.

Additionally, I must remember to push the "publish" button, to ensure that I don't end up posting a day later, and getting all sorts of error messages. Duh.


Lisa Moon said...

Oh, my! That must be a sign of respect and trust, yes? To be given the keys to the Motherchurch, I mean.

Sorry, us heathen types aren't really sure what a Motherchurch is; does it have babies? Is that the one where the Queen Mum goes? Is it just the main one for your particular faith? I could Google it, but I am lazy right now...

I've had posts where I decided they were even more spectacularly disorganised and gibberishey than usual and decided to remove them/it, only to find out later that they still show up in people's blogger updater thingy! Aaiiee!

Abi said...

Well, I have been organist at their daughter church for 2 years now; if I'm not trustworthy, they really did back a loser! The keys do not get handed out lightly, and I know that quite a lot of process had to be got through to grant these keys to me. I shall refrain from muttering darkly on the subject, and it will be left at that.

Motherchurch is a term I made up. It has a daughter church (St Isidore's). It is very grown-up and tasteful, and quite peaceful and beautiful. And it knows it. It is the big, iconic church in City, whereas St Isidore's is a missionary church, in the rough bit. St Isidore's is very small, friendly and accepting. Its organ sounds like crap, but that means that we are currently well-matched!

I have seen posts show up on people's blog feeds but not be able to click through to them because they have been removed. It's always annoying - the fact that it has been removed makes me want to read it more! Mind you, I don't get anything e-mailed to me - perhaps it is more of a problem if one has access to technology/programmes I have so far only dimly considered, and not got to grips with...