Friday, 6 March 2009

Moving, part 4, plus beer and tiredness

The boring non-saga of settling into our new house continues. The settee is in its rightful position and orientation in the living room, and more floorspace has been unearthed. Yesterday evening we moved a desk, a bookcase and a cupboard; a good evening's work. If there had only been five minutes available, anyway. We are slowly getting rid of small amounts of crap (you would be amazed at how popular guinea pig cages are on Freecycle around here!), and HWSNBN has initiated a campaign to get rid of some of the out-of-date food we have lying around. It would be the out-of-date food we have in our cupboards, except that we don't have any cupboards for food. Perhaps we will reduce the scale of this problem over the weekend by putting up a large ugly metal shelf in our shambles of a kitchen, and putting the food on this, within boxes. I imagine that its top shelf would be an excellent place to store HWSNBN's large pasta container, which usually lives far too high-up for me to reach.

Tomorrow evening there will be a beer festival. Of course, as I can't really consume gluten, I shall not be drinking any beer. It's a pity that the day after the beer festival is a Sunday, really; I might be tempted to go for it anyway and justify any illness I end up with as being the price one pays for drinking beer. Nobody gets off scot-free.* As I shall be being a good girl, I can only hope that they have good cider.

It is excessively cruel** taking me to a beer festival and not allowing me to sample the wares. I love good beer, and the beer at a festival should often be better than most, although the cider at the cider festival I attended was not all the best (nor was HWSNBN's feeling of wellness afterwards, for that matter).

Before the beer festival, we are to have dinner at our favourite local Indian restaurant (our favourite Indian restaurant is a Bangladeshi one (did I just contradict myself? Alas, I have the geography knowledge of a successful beauty pageant entrant) near the previous house, but this one does sherbet!). Anyway, it promises to be a tasty meal. There will be severe penalties for those who do a reverse performance of dinner, so I am hoping that everyone is nice and moderate.

Last week, when I opined to HWSNBN that he should be careful not to get too drunk at this beer festival, I was treated to the information that beer festivals are fine; one does not really get drunk at them. Cider festivals, are the problem, apparently. I asked him if he had ever met himself, but he remained steadfast; one does not get drunk at a beer festival. We shall see whether or not this anti-logic is true. I mean, we already know that it is not, but we will be able to see this for ourselves tomorrow. By "we", I do not include you, of course. I will not be blogging on Saturday after the beer festival. I mean me, HWSNBN, Serena, and HWSNBN's friend and his girlfriend, should they decide to come with us.

Now I am tired. I want the house to be set up neatly, and for me to be able to go to sleep for a long time, but instead I must go home, tidy up, then go off to do more organ practice for a couple of hours, return home and re-arrange some more furniture. We may have guests staying on Saturday evening, so we have to have both space in which to put them, and bedding to keep them warm. A challenge indeed!

*Does anybody know the origin of that expression? Would they care to enlighten me? I am too lazy to look in Wikipedia, apparently.

**Crueler, even, than taking me to a chocolate eclair factory.


Lisa Moon said...

Whew, I'm tired just reading about the rearraging!

How sad you aren't able to enjoy beer. I hate beer, so I cannot relate... but that's always the way, isn't it? Want what you can't have?

I loved Freecycle when it first came out around here - you could actually GET stuff, too. Then it got filled with greedy trolls who sat online all day and snatched everything good up. Bollocks, I suspect someone might say? Anyway, fabulous way to rid yourself of excess things...

Bangladesh is indeed a separate country, although I'm sure that the foods share similarities based on locale. I'd love to have access to a Bangladeshi restaurant! How wonderful!

While I'm on Wikipedia, it looks like... well, you'd better read this, it's too involved to repeat as I am lazy:
(Wikipedia actually did not list it and Wiktionary only had the briefest definition ever: 1) free of scot 2) free of tax.

Seriously, how lame! I wanted a grand story (from them)!

It's quite mean of you to say the words 'chocolate eclair factory' to me; I'm not a chocolate fiend by any means, however THOSE, when properly made, are quite exquisite!

Abi said...

I, too, used to dislike beer. When I was a child we went to France a lot, and I would always try to drink the frothy tops of the French beers they would pour for themselves. It tasted bad, but the texture was great! It took many years for me to develop a taste for it, but a few years ago I discovered that I really like real ales.

I do mostly just give stuff on Freecycle now - my local one has given up on me and now sends daily digest e-mails instead of individual e-mails, which means that I always come too late. I don't come too late to give items away, mostly.

Sorry to upset you with my unkind words. They are also ones which it is unfair to say to me, especially as I am trying to lose weight at the moment (and succeeding! Yay!). Chocolate eclairs, even when not all that well-made, are very lovely. Nicer, even, than profiteroles. Probably because I always used to eat profiteroles when full, and elcairs when empty...