Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Six years

As of today, HWSNBN and I have been together for six years. I gather that we will be going out for a celebratory meal; this pleases me a lot as I am very hungry and did not enjoy my lunchtime soup at all.

HWSNBN has changed quite a bit since we became an item - he's much more mature and helpful now, and appears to have outgrown that extended moody phase (please, God!). I much prefer this version to the original. I think that I have become much less demanding (I have accepted that he hardly talks at all and, erm, has to do lots of important stuff on his computer most evenings) and more fat, but also more capable, with the knowledge that I can actually see stuff through to the end and achieve things. He is still kind and generous, and still has this misguided notion that he is innately better at all things computer than I am.* He is, of course, better, but I maintain that this is due to his education and current job. I am, of course, still insufferably self-assured, and annoying in a wide variety of ways. And also convinced that I will never do anything well enough (as I said, the varieties of annoying I can be boggle the mind). Ah, we make a great couple!

He has just called me from a shop - I shall be getting a 1l pyrex jug for Christmas! Unless, of course, he decides that he can't be bothered wrapping it (he doesn't like wrapping things, and this will be an awkward shape**), in which case I may just find myself getting an anniversary present! Then I will feel bad, as I haven't got him anything nearly so nice - just my presence.***

Hey - I could fill an entire blog entry with the extremely unexciting story of how we met! How easy! And how exciting-sounding and yet secretly very dull! I think I might get away with that. Did I just type that out loud? How unfunny am I?

*Witness my love of danger! It's a good job he doesn't ever read this blog.

**Top wrapping tip - for wrapping awkwardly-shaped objects, buy some wallpaper which has been reduced in a wallpaper shop - preferably pretty stuff. As it is so much stronger than wrapping paper, you should find that pointy bits do not poke through it quite so readily as they do through wrapping paper...

***Obviously, a 1l pyrex jug is better than this. My presence does not take kindly to the addition of 1l of boiling water, nor to that of caustic soda (which, incidentally, do not mix; caustic soda only likes cold water. Mix them and you may live to regret it...). Oh yes, and of course he gets my presence most days; it is quite ordinary. And I am, as previously mentioned, insufferably self-assured.


Lisa Moon said...

What a well-matched couple you sound to be, haha!

I hope you have a lovely anniversary, avoid mixing hot water and caustic soda and enjoy your Christmas, too!

Abi said...

Oh yes - perfect in every way.

Anniversary was good - I did get a pyrex jug as an anniversary present - yay!

Enjoy the first Christmas in your new home!