Sunday, 14 December 2008

Bimbling along

I have been very busy recently. Christmas preparations always take a long time (and this year's preparations are far from over - haven't even finished the washing up from the last lot yet), and there has been a lot of rushing around, as I tend to do. Joinery is proceeding slowly but surely (I must take photos of what I have done so far, though).

I have had quite a good weekend. I had Friday off and was able finally to take the car to be serviced. It only needs £600 (?!?!?) of repairs; I am hoping that the guarantee I bought with the car less than a year ago will cover this. If it does not, I shall be a little bit upset.

On Friday afternoon we went shopping and bought our Christmas wine; we should not go thirsty this year. The supermarket had rather a lot of offers, and most of what we bought was half-price, which was useful. We had takeaway with HWSNBN's mum for tea, and as half of mine was left uneaten I had a very tasty lunch the next day.

Yesterday was mostly spent making stuff for Christmas; we then went out to a gathering to see one of my university friends who got married to an American woman and moved over there; he came back for his PhD graduation. It was lovely to see him again, and I got to clear up a couple of points with his wife. She has been a little disturbed by his habit of wondering round after a bath with a towel round his shoulders, like a cape, rather than round his waist, as is usual for a man. Although it did cover up everything which had to be covered, it was a close thing. He used to do this when he was a student (which disturbed one housemate rather a lot, but which we were used to); she had thought that maybe it was something he picked up since marriage. I can't be sure that she was reassured by this information, though...

HWSNBN accompanied me to the gathering, which he does not normally do. This group was made up of people with whom I meet on Monday evenings; HWSNBN does not go to that group. However, I think that he enjoyed himself, which pleased me a lot.

The gathering had plenty of wine, and plenty of people to whom I had not spoken for a while, and a bottle of whisky at the end. I have come to the conclusion that this is not a scenario which ends well for me; I should try to avoid getting into such situations. This morning, at about 3am, I was not feeling particularly well, which was definitely because I was too hot; I can think of no other possible explanation. I went to sleep downstairs on the settee, underneath two blankets and my sheepskin coat, and it all got better after that. HWSNBN came down to get me at 7.30, when he realised that I was missing, worried that he had upset me. Which he had not. He left to go to the farm very early - I was surprised by his enthusiasm, especially considering our late return home last night.

Right now I am sort of watching Poirot, and thinking about decorating the Christmas tree - it is sitting in the appropriate place, and will look better with baubles and lights on. That will hopefully be done before HWSNBN returns home. I then have much tidying and cooking to do, and some more making to accomplish.

I think the standard of writing here may have slipped again (certainly the frequency of updates has done so); I am trying not to get out of the habit of blogging. Perhaps things will get better after I finish work for the year on Thursday. Yay! Can't wait for that, although I have a massive list of things which must be accomplished before that point. It will be very satisfying indeed when they are done - it will be a productive 3 1/2 days!


Lisa Moon said...

I still enjoy your posts and the mental image I have of your life. While I'm sure not all is perfect, it sounds like a nice life, surrounded by people who care for you. If this is true, then you are truly blessed.

Happy holidays. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

Elizabeth McClung said...

I also enjoy your writing and yes, hang in there until thursday. I think your american house guest watched superman a few too many times as a child. I am VERY sorry about your car, I always found the MOT the equivilent of going to the dentist for our car (like "how much this time"), I do have to say, your comment about if your insurance doesn't cover it "I shall be a little bit upset" - is very, um, calm. I would say that I would be swearing like a sailor and punching pillows at the least. But do what you have to do!

Happy holidays and hang on until thursday. Congrats on going on with your joinery.

Abi said...

You know, life is about to get good for a couple of weeks I reckon. On Thursday I shall be able to relax (work is excessively busy at the moment), although there are many, many, many things I need to make - I have just come up with the idea of making felt pictures for a few people, which should be prettier than it sounds. It will take a while, though.

I shall be visiting the family this weekend; Louise's boyfriend is visiting. He likes my soap, apparently, so that's what he's getting for Christmas!

The writing this time was bad; as though I vomited some semicolons and full stops on a web page. I like semicolons, but should perhaps work on sentence structure. Maybe it will get better when I can think in long sentences again...

My American friend is, in fact, English; he met his American wife-to-be a couple of years ago and decided to get married and move with her. I was a bit dubious (it seemed to happen very quickly) but they seem very settled and comfortable with each other; not at all as though they are finding each other hard work.

Anyway, I had not considered Superman as an explanation; I was more thinking along the lines of ineptitude!

I don't think that I shall react angrily if the warranty does not cover the repair; it feels more like that would be a defeat, and I would feel empty and defeated. I don't exactly have £600 lying around, although the joint account may be able to step in. Also, having paid £250 for the warranty (which I did not ask for - wasn't impressed that I'd paid £250 for what I thought would probably be nothing - if this is covered I shall change my mind with great delight), it would be a shame to have to fork out so much extra.