Monday, 29 December 2008

Another Post

Today I have been taking my car to be fixed, shopping and tidying. Apparently I am good at making a mess. You will no doubt be pleased to hear, however, that two of my cupboards are looking much better. As is a large corner of the living room. Alas, the main bit of the living room is still horrid, but the heavy tidying has been accomplished.

I have discovered that I need a new bookcase for the books I have borrowed from people and from the library. Something really accessible would be useful, as the ones I borrow are the ones in which I am the most interested at the time. I also need a place to put it. Perhaps I should clear the crap off the top shelf of my big bookcase - I could then use that shelf: a novel solution to a pressing problem.

I am also re-distributing my silicone and ice cube moulds (sorry to mix classification systems there) and storing them on top of my kitchen cupboards, rather than in the nasty damp cupboard in the corner; they tend to be hard to clean completely and have a thin film of fat left on them, which then goes mouldy. Lovely. Mind you, the rice doesn't smell too good. If I don't blog again after this happens, place bets on bad rice!

Dinner today will be king prawn curry (king prawns on offer; curry paste re-discovered in cupboard; rice already discovered but apparently needs using quickly), and should be quite hot. Alas, I am without yoghurt to cool it down. We will just have to deal with it, I suppose. HWSNBN will have to demonstrate his manliness.

I still have no New Year plans; no invitations and I'm certainly not having people round here again. Last time, it took weeks to get the carpets clean. Actually, no; it was quite the opposite: they started complaining of tiredness at about 9pm. I have never attended such a non-wild party before, nor since. I did it a second year with similar results (although with fewer people - only one was complaining at 9pm this time), but shall not do it again. Apparently my party powers are limited and can only be revived by Vlad, our non-Russian who doesn't live round here any more, but can drink most effectively. I believe he will be around again tomorrow, and that we will go out drinking. Must wrap his vodka...

Enough stream-of-consciousness blogging; must add prawns to curry! Later!


Lisa Moon said...

I fear throwing parties myself, on the theory that no one will come.

Four years ago, I decided to have a Winter Solstice open house sort of drop by party, inviting a variety of people from my rather adult friends with children to the friends of my younger friend from school, which I was attending at the time.

The night *before* said scheduled party, while I was in the midst of rearranging things and decorating, a whole bunch of the aforementioned younger folks showed up, some with beers, and began to socialise. In my living room.

This was fine and people were having a good time, I think. However, the REAL party was for the next night!

Do you think it was quite as much fun the next night, especially since some of those unexpected drop-bys weren't able to come the intended night?!

Well, we played slightly-tipsy twister, which is always good for a giggle and since only the young folks were around when my very-adult couple-friends arrived, it was... interesting in terms of contrast.

But now I've been good and thoroughly turned off asking people to come over. I figure I'll get foods and such all ready and wind up with the same friend who always stops by - and he is lovely and I do enjoy his company, but it's really not necessary to purchase many alcoholic bevvies and munchie things just for the two of us.

Or is it?!

Since I've just moved in to my new place, I had some secret hope I'd be unpacked in record time, despite my mobility challenges. Ahem, not happened yet.

First I thought to invite people by just before Christmas. Nope. Then I thought around New Years. Um, no, since the Eve in question is in about 50 hours from now... ah, well, perhaps a birthday thing for myself? That's in July; I'm sure to be ready by then!

Have a wonderfully fun New Year!

PS Hoping your prawn curry is both delicious and non-toxic!

Abi said...

The impromptu parties are often the best. We seem to have most fun inventing cocktails with Vlad and Serena (although Serena tends to take more of a supporting role as she drives home); the parties can be disappointing. There is also too much pressure to host and to talk to everyone (I can't seem to stop inviting people, so everyone can be a lot of people).

You know, if you were closer I would come to your hypothetical New Year party; alas it would be too far away. ;-) I hope that you have a good New Year, whatever you do. HWSNBN does not seem to want to attend a party. Not that we have a suitable invite - the only one we have is in London, about 4 hours drive plus a train journey, plus a walk away. Oh - and the parents have invited us round, but I don't think that they are doing anything. Hmm.

I think the curry was fine - no ill effects yet...