Sunday, 2 August 2009

May I live in interesting times

So, I am now single. The house, it would appear, is just the perfect size for me and my things. If only life could stay like this, and I didn't have to move into a room somewhere...

The wedding, it has to be said, did not go all that well. The bridal march fell apart in a reasonably spectacular fashion, when I lost my place and couldn't work out which notes to play. I played some notes, but there was no way and no circumstances in which they could have been described as well-combined notes.

And Granddad died a couple of days ago. The parents didn't tell me yesterday because they didn't want to mess up this wedding for me (just as well?), but they did tell me when I called today.

And there is a random little insect on my settee. I hope that this is not a bad thing. Ah well - it's a random little squashed insect now.

So, it has been a busy day. I am tired. I still don't know what the hymns are for tomorrow, but at least the bed settee no longer lives in the front room and I can access the piano in the usual fashion; this will aid my practice. Tonight I get to sleep on a proper bed! Yay!

On which note, I shall start the going to bed process. It will be a long one today. I predict a nap tomorrow afternoon.

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Lisa Moon said...

Oh, dear. That is not how I was expecting to hear the wedding went. Perhaps it's one of those things which you noticed far more than anyone else?

Aww, hon, I'm truly sorry to hear of your Granddad. How completely rotten to have this added into a split... why must these things tend to happen in clusters of difficult-to-deal-with?

Yay on the napping. I hope it was accomplished as I heartily recommended in a previous comment.