Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Some felt flowers

Yesterday evening I had a cold. I have a cold today, for that matter. Being a charitable sort of person, I decided not to spread it around my martial arts group (especially as two of them work at the hospital - way to let the viruses roam around the community!), and so spent the evening at home. I made flowers out of felt.

I have come to a couple of conclusions. I don't think that I will ever be able to make felt flowers quickly, and should probably just aim to be efficient. I am also not keen on wet felting - you don't get to see the progress you are making, and it takes a lot of effort. I shall try unsuccessfully to see whether wet felting will occur in the dishwasher, and then look at different ways of making needle felting work for me, I think.

Yesterday, I made a cherry blossom and started to make a lily. The cherry blossom is OK - it needs a bit of tidying up. I don't know how good the lily is, as I have only felted half of its petals; I imagine that it will be OK.

Having expected to have a really enjoyable evening doing practically nothing, I actually felt a bit bored. Very frustrating! Perhaps it is because (as evidenced by my recent blog entries) I am a bit boring. I think that perhaps I ought to schedule a few more commitments so that I can miss more things and thus enjoy my free time more. OK, so I was missing martial arts, but I think that perhaps I believed in my excuse a bit too much.

Photos of the felting to follow, assuming I manage to post them. Please do not hold your breath!

Also, more interesting posts to follow. Again, holding of breath would not be advisable.


Lisa Moon said...

Drat it, just as I was taking a big ol' breath, preparing to wait... you said not to. OK then, I shall not - but only because you warned me not to!

I'm not sure that you're boring at all; I for one quite enjoy your writing and appreciate your humour.

That said, I myself may well be quite a boring person, too, therefor am unable to judge fairly.

In any case, hope your germs subside quickly. :) Feel better soon.

Abi said...

Thank goodness I caught you in time! That could have been dangerous.

I am glad that you enjoy my writing. It is just a bit boring having nothing more interesting to say than "I made something out of felt". This really shouldn't be that kind of blog. I also want to say "I made something out of wood" and "I played something loud on the organ". And "my new soap fell to pieces. Why can't I get the hang of stirring it properly". Perhaps that is a story for another day. I know that the world needs more stories of soap that was not quite mixed with enough commitment.

It could indeed be true that you are also boring. Perhaps you should make something out of felt in a vain attempt to pretend to be interesting. I can't comment on its success, but I do appear to have fooled one person. Top tip - to avoid stabbing yourself in the leg, use two sponges on top of each other. It mostly works.

I think that the germs went. My body seems to be repairing the damage they left behind now. That's not too bad. I can breathe lying down again, so I'm happy.