Friday, 3 April 2009

A Break :-)

Another week is nearly over. Next, I get some holiday!

I have really been looking forward to this holiday - it would be an excellent chance to catch up on everything in a relaxed fashion if it wasn't for the fact that I am me and will therefore either pack my days so full that I don't get any time off, or sit around watching the television. HWSNBN was due to go to Dublin for the first week, which would have meant that I had the house to myself and could get on with tidying, etc.. I don't know what is wrong with me, but I only really seem to be able to motivate myself to tidy when I am alone in the house; people are very distracting.

Of course, I have Anne coming to stay with me for a few days. I shall be removing her from her home on Saturday evening, and returning her (via Ikea - she's a strange child and likes that sort of thing) on Wednesday afternoon/evening. This will disrupt the tidying, but will facilitate the Easter egg making; she should have the enthusiasm I am so sadly lacking after so many years of chocolate pouring.

If HWSNBN does go away, we will also launch a sneak decorating attack on my room. It has a mysterious stain on one of the walls, which somebody has tried so hard to remove (unsuccessfully) that they have scrubbed though the magnolia paint to the blue paint beneath. There is also blue-tack liberally dotted over the walls. Our contract says that we are not to use blue-tack, but apparently previous tenants have not felt constrained by this. Mother has some special anti-stain paint I can use as an undercoat over the mysterious stain and the blue-tack marks (when the blue-tack has been scraped off, of course), so they shouldn't represent a long-term problem.

HWSNBN does not want to decorate any of the house at all. He doesn't seem to like it very much, and thinks that the best thing to do about this is nothing. I am finding this very hard - I have a very strong decorating instinct. I want to paint all of the dodgy bits so that they are shiny and clean*. He just wants to move out as soon as possible. I suppose that decorating does affect him a bit, as he has to put up with the furniture being moved about while the walls are being washed and the paint is being applied (unless he is in Dublin, in which case he could return home to a shiny** new room. I don't think that this would go down very well). I don't quite understand how he can just live with the peeling window frame and dodgy colour-co-ordination in the bathroom. I suppose he can't, really, which is why he decided that we wouldn't move here. Even so, it's frustrating!

The Ikea trip could well be very productive. I need to buy three bins (one extra for each of the extra rooms we have in this house, and one for joinery) two rails for hanging up pans in the kitchen and a partridge in a pear tree. Or perhaps just a small set of shelves onto which I can put some boxes full of food, in lieu of a suitable number of cupboards. And, of course, I shall end up buying some random crap I don't need. At this exact moment in time, I can't think what else I could possibly want, but I don't think my resolve will be quite so strong when I see some random shiny thing I will suddenly wonder how I ever managed to live without. Oh. It's started already. I need (really, really need!) some large round paper lampshades for the ceiling lights. The previous house was tiny so we had to buy tiny lampshades so that it didn't look stupid, and so that we could get past them. This house has high ceilings, so we can get away with big lampshades. If Ikea doesn't have them (it doesn't have them in the biggest size, which is the one my parents need for their house; hopefully the next size down will be available) I can go to Habitat in Chester. This is always fun. It's a few steps up from Ikea, both design-wise and price-wise, but it is difficult not to buy the pretty things.

The organ playing is coming along slowly. I have managed to get in a few hours this week, although it has been a struggle. The prelude is starting to sound quite good, although I can't even get through the first page without making a mistake (or at least a slip), let alone the other three, but I think that a few more weeks work will fix it. I will then get to play that before or after one of the Sunday services. The Priere a Notre Dame looks really easy, but is actually really hard. It is coming along painfully slowly. At least if it looked a bit hard I would find the mistakes less frustrating. The hymn I am playing is getting there; I get most of the notes right, and am managing not to hit additional keys while pressing the magic buttons that change lots of stops at the same time. Well, most of the time, anyway.

Tomorrow, I hope to convince Dave the Organist to let me have a go on his organ for a few hours. I could really do with the extra practice, and his organ is one of the better ones on which to do this. It's really nice, and quite large; its tone is impressive. I started to learn to play the organ on it, and it is always fun to re-visit it.

I really want to learn some new stuff, but I'm having enough problems with what I have already. It is very frustrating! Some of the stuff I want to learn is reputed to be quite difficult, but I like a challenge! Except for while I am actually working on overcoming the challenge, at least. But when the challenge has been overcome it can be satisfying.

Have a great weekend!

*Well, matt and clean, anyway; I always use matt emulsion, as silk emulsion annoys me. Shiny walls are the devil's work. They show up every imperfection, and although I don't mind a bit of imperfection in my walls, I certainly don't want to advertise it.

**See * (Sorry - couldn't resist. Yes, my life is dull.)


Lisa Moon said...

Oh, indeed! Ikea sounds blissful to me - especially as we need to leave our very large island to visit the mainland to get to one. This has pros and cons; cons of course being that it costs for the ferry ride over and back ($$$) and that it's an infrequent trip so one must be prepared, know what they want and have an appropriately sized vehicle for transporting goods home again. Pros (and I'm not at all convinced they are 'pros') would be that if one were close, I'd be there a LOT. Then again, that would be better as one could pick up those 'little things' that they are so great for, like storage thingies!

How old is Anne that she enjoys Ikea?! My 17 y/o was NOT interested; then again, his friends were over there and that's much more appealing than shopping for him...

Ugh. I had what you call blue-tack (we call poster putty often) and I've used the blue and had it stain my walls! Our rental agreement asked us to use this wherever possible, but I was NOT impressed and they got a restrained amount of push-pin holes plus a few modest nails instead - which I plastered up myself!

Magnolia paint? How interesting. Is that a certain shade of deep, magenta-ey pink? Or very very pale...?

Making Easter eggs sounds like fun! I was intruiged as a child watching Seseame Street and seeing a traditional Ukrainian pysanki being made - with the fountain-like pen which held melted wax to decorate before the dyeing/colouring was applied. Fascinating and gorgeous!

Chocolate is good, too, and much more edible. ;)

I am rather looking forward to a long weekend of NOT having to answer the phone around making endless appointments and arrangements for anything/everything!

Even better, the SUN is finally out and it's gotten WARM! Yay!

Have a lovely weekend. :)

Abi said...

Ikea is about an hour's drive from here. My pros and cons are about the same as yours - it would be great to be able to get big stuff back easily without hiring a van/resorting to the delivery service, but if it were too close I would probably just end up living there.

Anne is 12. She is a strange child. She is really looking forwards to the trip!

The blue-tack was a nightmare. There was a lot of it, and it all had to be coaxed off. I can see why my contract specified that I shouldn't use it, but I wish that I had therefore been exempt from dealing with it. Never mind - done now.

Magnolia is a sort of creamy colour - off white. Nice and cheap, and very neutral. Apparently either my maths is dodgy (perish the thought) or the paint's coverage is not as great as they suggest...

Making Easter eggs was more fun this time round (except that I decided to get them all done before I went to bed yesterday, resulting in a very late bedtime. At least they didn't interfere with today's decorating). We have done imaginative ones with Smarties (like M&Ms, but WAY nicer) in the front, this year. They are pretty. I think that they will taste good, too.

I am pleased that you have sun. We did earlier today, but now it is wet and windy. Pretty much par for the course here.

It is SO good not being at work, though. It is very productive indeed having whole days with which to achieve things. I undoubtedly annoyed Sensei by not turning up to martial arts this evening, but he would probably have been more annoyed had I actually been killed for unauthorised painting of room, discovered because I hadn't actually finished. People are reckoning that HWSNBN will not notice the newly-decorated room. I am thinking that I should also get my hair cut, so that there are two things for him to fail to notice. ;-)