Saturday, 8 November 2008

Bonfire night

Today is Bonfire night, as far as the city council is concerned. To this end, I shall be going shopping, having some food with Serena, watching the fireworks, going to the pub, then going to The Field to see more fireworks. Oh yes, and I must practise the hymns for tomorrow. I said that I could play the first one, which I probably can, but I was actually thinking of a different one when I responded with enthusiasm. As I have learned both of them, and I am seemingly a little dense, I often confuse them for each other. I started learning tomorrow's hymn sooner, I think (probably about a decade ago...), so it may be deeply ingrained... Anyway, my pedal technique has come on in leaps and bounds (as it were) these past few weeks, so I am hopeful. If I arrive on time tomorrow morning, I shall give it a go.

Yeah, there's not really anything worth reading today, either. I am confident that I shall have something to say within a few days, though. Now I must have a shower, in order to have some chance of accomplishing everything is is necessary to accomplish within a suitable time frame...


Lisa Moon said...

I rather enjoy reading your posts, even if or possibly most especially when there's 'not much to write'. The simple acts of lunching with your family, practicing your hymns or whatever else you might be up to sounds so lovely and soothing to me... I have this warm sort of feeling reading your posts, imagining you moving through your days as you write about them and often think 'Ahh, what a nice life Abi must enjoy'. I'm sure everything isn't perfectly sunshine and roses, but it seems at least sunny periods and daisies to me. ;)

Drake said...

Mehehe, I agree with lisa_moon... in comparison, it seems like all I do is complain ;D

Believe me tho, I know exactly how you feel. Just as an example, I also had a dramatic experience with not being able to breath... Initially it was like in...hmm, am I just trying to get the attention of the sexy O.R. nurse... So I toke a deep -- breath? and then all of a sudden PANICK! I CAN REALLY NOT BREATHE!

I feel like a hypochondriac every time I have to go to the doctor ;D.

I guess, it's just that we are so used to people making us feel as if tho we are over-reacting/looking for attention that we have been brain-washed to believe them.

Abi said...

Lisa - my life is wonderful and easy, with very few bad things and lots of great things. Nonetheless, I am not very content, which makes me feel a bit stupid! I am working on fixing the stuff I don't like, and can forsee myself being content for the most part when this has been achieved. I am generally quite a content sort of person.

Drake - it's no fun not being able to breathe. In some ways it is worse when you are not sure whether or not you are making it up (but mostly it is worse when breathing is so hard it is obvious that there is a problem!). I am having another bad breathing day today, which is annoying. I know that I am a hypochondriac, though, which means that I always think the worst, but then decide that I am actually making it all up a few hours later (because I am also logical. Or something).

Also, I do complain a lot (makes me feel better!), but I am trying not to use this blog for too much moaning. I know that my life is great, and it seems a shame to moan when other people can do it so much better!

Elizabeth McClung said...

I do love reading your writing because it is very funny though I have a feeling that might not be intentional. I wish I could come here all the time (make note to self - better write it down, then after next seizure stare at paper saying, "Optistatic" and end up buying anti-static cling sheets for dryer).

So, you need to learn the hymn for tomorrow, because you probably told them you knew the hymn but you didn't so NOW you really need to practice it. Is that right? Because (skipping to the end here) you've only learned it over 10 years, so that last day is REALLY going to nail it! sorry, I giggle, I think you are a great organist who probably wanders around before playing muttering to yourself and dropping sheets of music and then getting very cross at the sheets of music for dropping? (am I close?)

Abi said...

Learning a hymn ten years ago is not the same as learning it for ten years, as I discovered to my cost. Not good. Had to play it without the pedals, at which point it suddenly became lovely and easy. Meh.

I hardly get cross with the sheets of music at all when they drop; after all, they are flimsy and it was probably my fault. When hymn books start flinging themselves off the bench, however, I do get annoyed. Can they not just sit there like normal books? Is that so hard?

Oh, but when the second page of music is upside down and I do not notice until I get there? That is when sheets of music are bad. It does not improve my playing.